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NextElection is a new town hall that brings together politicians, journalists, and citizens.

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Democracy is recognizing one's own power.

We're building NextElection as a truly decentralized platform, moderated by the people, for the people.

Our launch feature is data-driven polling and structured conversations allowing people to share a transparent view of the political world around them.

Everyone will have a civilized space for respectful debate, and quality conversation. Knowledge and understanding will be prioritized over noise and ratings (and annoying advertising!). And through this clarity in understanding, from this deeper knowledge, will come the light under which our politicians will need to answer questions put to them by the very people they represent. This knowledge will also show us how to choose our next leaders. Or indeed, may the next leaders be our own.

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We're working with news organizations, independent journalists, NGOs, forward-looking politicians and bureaucrats.Get in touch, and shape the evolution of a much needed elections platform.

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